The Hub




There are many more, and we will be adding them as we find them.

2 thoughts on “The Hub

  1. Other places: Blackjack is one of THE oldest Shadowrun sites on the internet. After being dormant for decades, he’s revived his page with all new content. Reddit Shadowrun gets a deservedly bad rap for being the home of edge lords, whiners, malcontents, trolls, and jerks. But if you’ve got thick skin and good scanning skills you can overcome all that to find seriously good advice for running Shadowrun games, lore, and world building for all the corners of the 6th World not yet covered in canon. This is also a portal where you can find several Shadowrun Living Communities. Most of these are not affiliated r/Shadowrun directly, so your exposure to the bad elements is limited to nonexistent. The official Catalyst Games Company Shadowrun Forum. It’s often plagued by hackers and down for some stupid reason or another. But there’s really good info there when it’s up!


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