4 thoughts on “Story Hooks

  1. I love the rats idea. The idea of running against a circle of Toxic Shaman scares the dreck out of me. Just hope my initiative is high enough to geek the mage fast enough.


  2. Some spelling mistakes in Security test.
    Page 1
    1. Read it to them strait -> Read it to them straight
    2. This run is for demenstraiting the skills -> Demonstrating
    3. subsiderary -> subsidiary
    4. patroled -> patrolled
    5. servailance -> Surveillance
    6. crimminals ->criminals
    7. mercinaries -> mercenaries

    Page 2
    1. strait -> straight
    2. Unfortinatly -> Unfortunately
    3. missing space between way and can

    A nice hook all together. If you would like I can proof read these before you put them up in future, just drop me a PM.


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