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Stories from fans of Shadowrun for fans of Shadowrun. Send us your stories and we will post them. Tell us all what you think of them chummers. All stories are in PDF Format at this time.

7 thoughts on “Fan Fiction

  1. On Death of Heroes; Yaoi’s wounded father is very effectively used and sets a good dark mood. The organisation of the lookouts and their need for supplies is good appropriate technical detail; street kids of all metatypes banding together and trolls already being large at 12 is also authentic. I think you moved from third to first person narration at one point, and the mind control business came a bit too much out of left field. Maybe describe how the guy takes a swing a Yaoi, and then Yaoi’s reaction as he sees the guy is no longer in control? A very brief appearance or line by Boots earlier, rather than just her name mentioned, would also give some context for the sudden mention of Dahn’s crush on her. But the desperate and desolate atmosphere is the main strength of the story.

    You’re a brave man to call your story Soiled Britches, but from the first part it does seem good. The spelling isn’t perfect, but awkward intelligent guns are classic, the grenade trap dodge and memory playback are well worked out, seems like a solid intriguing plot.


  2. Finished reading Soiled Pants (sorry I said britches last time, I guess its because I’m British) and it’s certainly good. The happy ending is a bit extravagant, but the layers of deception, technical problem-solving and gritty action are just what the Ripperdoc ordered. I’m a little busy atm but will send Pdf of fanfic I mentioned as Ghostfriendly3 on reddit fairly soon.


  3. Hunt Gone Wrong was good story. Very dry and understated. I would cut the third paragraph since the team and their specialisations are given later anyway. Tender moment with minotaur and elf girl was nice, and remains of Nightmares’ unseen rampage very unsettling.


  4. Hey didn’t realise you had some more stories since I thought they’d be on Reddit. Hunted and Dr Udaras Cieste were especially good.


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