Floroman discovered

The Floraman looks like a small orc or a large troll with a green tint to the skin and a darker green hint to the hair. These creatures seem to be sapient, able to fit in with society. Anyone that meets one will think they are talking to an orc or troll.

And how do you know it isn’t just an orc or troll that dyed thier hair? ->Elven Master

Could be, or it could be this new race. Who knows?-> T. B. Dill

The main difference between this and other critters, this one is sapient enough to blend into society. Could be similar to pixies, naga, shape shifters, and sasquatch making them smart enough to survive and even thrive in the corporate world. We have added some variation rules for this critter being a player character!

To learn more about this creature and many more creatures that you may come across in your travels in this awakened world, visit our Critters page!

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