The Siberian Musk Deer evolved!

The Siberian Musk Deer has a small shape allows them to hide from predators through tiny openings in the rocky terrain and also allow them to run exceptionally fast from their predators. Although bearing fangs, Siberian musk deer (mundane) are actually herbivores, with their main source of nutrients being lichens. 

The awakened variant uses those fangs to drain blood from their prey, able to drain them dry in a matter of moments. Hunters Beware! <I saw this creature when I was working in Eastern Europe. At first I thought it was harmless like its ancestors, but it came at us and drained the blood of one of our team before we could kill it. Scary dreck.> Binary Lies

To learn more about this creature and many more creatures that you may come across in your travels in this awakened world, visit our Critters page!

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