Today is Race Day!

1st place wins this 1st edition book

Our contest for a 1st edition Riggers Black Book is on. A race for the book. We used Twitter for this competition. All @ names are Twitter names!

Today is RACE day! The contestants are running their qualifying lap and we will get things started. Up for grabs is a #Shadowrun 1st edition Riggers Black Book. 

The rules for this one will be posted shortly as it has been confirmed that contestants brought guns…


There are 30 race teams that passed the qualification round. These teams all brought weapons to the race, so some rule changes from our normal contest is needed.


Rules: Each round is split between movement and attack splitting die pools. Mvmt must have at least 1D6. 

Each vehicle has 6 dmg boxes. When dmg is taken, for every 2 boxes -1D6 to the pool. When the vehicle reaches 0 damage boxes or there are 0D6 remaining, team is out of race.


Racers are going from Seattle to Portland and logging into a parking garage when they get there. There is an escape route there for all team members to get out before the Paladins can get them. Be sure to avoid their VTOLs as they will open fire on us.


The racers line up on I5 readying for the race. Engines rev, guns swivel. Drivers ready.

Over a speaker a voice says, “No shooting until out of city limits. This is for the safety of onlookers.”

An elven woman moves out into the street, and flags the start of the race.


As the flag drops, the driver from @ShadowRumPdcst van gets out and jogs away, the van explodes into a ball of fire! Smoke and fire blast across the starting line, 10 vehicles failed to start the race 19 other racers jump ahead. 

What a way to opt out of a race…

___ Leg 1

Out of the 10 vehicles that started late, only one failed to start. Smoke is pouring out of 

@g4ur0n  vehicle. The engine is rattling and….. well, it just blew. Hopefully G4ur0n made it out alive.

___Leg 2

We are moving into the turn that will bring these racers out of Seattle. @CorrugatedCava is out in the lead with @ScottWGregson in 2nd. 

Racers are flying around this corner. It looks like @sv11111111111 is having some issues. He missed the turn and is out of the race. (1,1,1)

___Leg 3

In the front of the pack @ScottWGregson  is pulling neck and neck with @CorrugatedCava1. Gunshots can now be heard in the middle of the race. 

@fighterJarina,  @DnD_Lich, & @DnDGoblin’s vehicles all exploded under a barrage of gunfire. Crashcart is on the way to help the survivors.

___Leg 4

As we blow past Olympia several of the racers whose vehicles were damaged from the initial explosion have dropped out. 15 teams dropped out of the race due to vehicle damage, poor driving, and a taco truck parked along the highway. 

That leaves 9 race teams still in the running.

___Leg 5

At the beginning of the 5th leg we have:

1. @CorrugatedCava1

2. @GeoffreySavageW

3. @clarissawikeepa

4. @ScottWGregson

 5. @UGEplex @OmegaLiquidX

 7. @LofwyrMemos @AllyProudlock @0xSilverfang

Bullets are really flying now, along with some spells and revving engines.

___Leg5 cont

And at the beginning of the 5th leg, @CorrugatedCava1 rolled 5 1’s his vehicle taking 3 boxes of damage from incoming fire he turned into. (Still in -1D6)

His bad turn distracted @AllyProudlock, causing her vehicle to slam into @OmegaLiquidX and @0xSilverfang knocking all 3 out!


Coming just north of the Tir Tairngire border, someone threw a fireball, slamming into 

@UGEplex throwing his car into a median. 

The Dragon’s driver hit UGEplex’s vehicle after failing to avoid it. (He’s probably lunch).

@ScottWGregson vehicle started smoking and died.


All three racers are still neck and neck. A VTOL swerved toward I5 and is now strafing the freeway!

@GeoffreySavageW Vehicle took 2 damage (-1D6)

@CorrugatedCava1 took more fire causing 2 more damage (now -2D6)

@clarissawikeepa also got hit for 3 damage (-1D6)


The VTOL is moving for another run as the racers blow across the border now doing well over 180KPH!

Racers are jockeying for position when @CorrugatedCava1 fires at @clarissawikeepa causing her to hit a wall. 

@GeoffreySavageW goes around the corner & narrowly avoids the crash


flying around the final turn, @CorrugatedCava1 enters the parking garage, firing at the auto barrier causing it to rise. 

@GeoffreySavageW hits it, stopping his vehicle cold. 

@CorrugatedCava1 pulls into the stop area and registers his code for the win.



@CorrugatedCava1 for an interesting race! You have won the 1st edition Riggers Black Book.

I sent a PM to you for the address where you want me to send this book.

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