The Cuyancua

La Cuyancúa or Cuyancuat, is a Salvadoran (Pre Awakening) legend narrated mainly in the municipality of Izalco, in the department of Sonsonate, now part of Aztlan. According to ancient myths, it is a fantastic being of great size and strange appearance, the lower half of its body is shaped like a snake and the upper half is shaped like a hog. 

<O que vi tinha pelo menos 3,5 m de comprimento e pesava cerca de 113,5 kg. Ele grunhiu enquanto se movia em minha direção. Eu estava paralisado de medo e não conseguia me mover. Fechei os olhos e fiquei sentado na chuva, pensando que ia morrer. A chuva parou e o sol apareceu. Abri os olhos e vi um de minha equipe morto, comido da cintura para baixo.> El Toro


What I saw was at least 3.5 m long and weighed about 113.5 kg. He grunted as he moved towards me. I was paralyzed with fear and could not move. I closed my eyes and sat in the rain, thinking I was going to die. The rain stopped and the sun came out. I opened my eyes and saw one of my team dead, eaten from the waist down.-The Bull

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