Burning Man Part 1

This Johnson was obviously new at this, wait. In London they are Mr. Jones. She will never get
used to that. They are Mr. Johnson in the UCAS and the CAS. The two countries she normally
works out of. Her fixer told her that this was a good deal and she and her team would be a good
fit and make them all a lot of New Yen in the process.

She motioned him in the room, walked over to the table and turned on a white noise generator
that was sitting on it. She also pushed a red button that was inlaid in the table. A small red light
turned on next to the door. From her experience she knew that the tech that made this room
unbugable was engaged. Unfortunately it also cut her off from her team.

“Mr. Jones, a friend of ours told us that we needed to hear your offer and that we are perfect for
your job. It was the first time that friend has ever told us we would be perfect, so I am intrigued.
What is it you have for us?” she asked.

Meeting a new Johnson in a new city is never easy, two of her team going up missing during the meet makes it worse. How will this meeting go? Will they take the job? What will Banshee and her team do?

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