A Kick in the Head

She glanced at me, her dark hair almost floating in the air around her. Her tan skin is almost
glowing in the sunlight. She smiled at me and started walking forward into the clearing we were
on the edge of. I looked around and saw the tall grass swaying in the breeze. In the middle of
the clearing there was a dais made of stone. It looked like a natural stage, there was nothing
else in the clearing.

The Amerindian moved up onto the platform and started humming. An ire music started playing
from somewhere in the woods. She started singing a celestial song in a language I had never
before heard. Her deep brown eyes never left my face. There was a shimmer around her, like a
power pulling into her. A silvery halo coming forth around her head giving her an angelic

I was hired to keep her safe, to protect her while she preforms her ritual. At least, that is what I thought.

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