Blooderfly discovered!

While I was out looking at butterflies in North America, my team and I found one that is so beautiful it seems to draw the viewer in to take a closer look. This butterfly was so pretty that we all stopped and stared at it as it danced around in the air in front of us. It wasn’t until later that we found out it was dangerous. We lost one of our scientists.

Me and Poncho were outside of Portland looking for a Ares Macrotech
black sight when we came upon some hunters, looked like they were
dancing with fairies. Then we noticed they were shooting and swinging at
the sky. As we got closer we saw they were covered with cuts and bleeding
from everywhere. Thank drek we stayed down wind because it was like that old trid where flying piranhas killed young co-eds.

Viper Vic

While beautiful, these butterflies are dangerous. Check out the fact sheet “Blooderflies” on our critters page.

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