Sojin Inc has released a new weapon!

The Sojin DEW-BS LTL

The Sojin Direct Energy Weapon- Burning Skin Less Than Lethal is a weapon system that pushes the limit to how much pain and shock the body can take and not be lethal. This system can be focused on a single
person or switched to a wide lens for an area of effect weapon system to scatter large numbers of human/Meta-humans.

This thing HURTS. I swear I was being cooked. Had to post this to show all runners the dreck the corps are building to counter us.


This Less than Lethal Direct Energy Weapon has blown the minds of all those who were aimed at, and the users love them. Check out our gear page and read Sojin DEW-BS LTL.

As always tell us what you think, on Twitter or Facebook or leave a comment here we are always looking forward to the input from the Shadowrun community.

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