Willow S01E09


#Shadowrun Survival Guides “A Day in the Life: Stories from the 6th World” Today’s story is from a person who is fighting for universal rights for all sapient creatures. She has lost most of her family in the process. Find out more by listening. 

At the end of the podcast is a special announcement about a run. Let us know if you do the run and how well the teams do while running them. 

If you have any story ideas you would like to have heard, send them to digitaldoom@shadowrunsurvivalguide.com if they are only notes for a story, send it too and we will complete the story for you.


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This month we need to give a special Thank You to Amy Kim Cole. Without her help and agreeing to voice our friend Willow, this episode would not be half as good as it is. Thank you Amy. You can hear more of her work by listening to the Chaotic Goodness Podcast. You can also see more about what she is doing by following her on Twitter @isitwine30yet 

Thank you again Amy Kim Cole.

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