Aka: Bagwajinini By: Dr. Phillis D. Corner Published in “Critters of North America” October 2028

There is an ancient legend of the Pukwudgie from before the awakening. These creatures were thought to be legends, but I can tell you they are real. One pushed my wife off of a cliff. I found him and took his scalp. Now I am being hunted.



The Pukwudgie is said to be a small creature, ranging from knee-height to about three feet tall, with human-like features, yet sporting larger ears, noses, and fingers. Their skin has been described as grey and smooth and their hair resembles porcupine quills and runs down their backs. Sightings of these creatures have been recorded back to the verbal history days in the 4th world.

Don’t fret, these creatures are deadly but can be avoided. Read Pukwudgie on our critters page.

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