Purple Dino

In this lawless barrens that is the remainder of the Redmond district of Seattle, the west coast port for the United Canadian American States (UCAS). This part of the megaplex is so lawless that Knight Errant, (The police contractors for the area), will not enter the area unless they are rolling with two heavy response teams. 

In this desolate place, there is a single sign that hums and glows a neon purple. It reads “The Purple Dino,” and is hanging on a cracked brick building that has bars on the windows that are also blacked out with what looks like the hood of a truck. A large iron gate is covering the door, which is currently propped open and ancient music blaring through the door. 

As one of the only buildings in the area with electricity, there is a group of people hanging out on the street, charging their wireless devices while listening to the classical music the owner prefers. Right now the laughing intro to “Crazy Train” starts blaring through the old speakers.  Welcome to the Purple Dino.

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