A Day in the Life Episode 7 Jonny Law

A Day in the Life: Stories from the 6th World has just dropped the 7th episode. This one is a story brought forward from a former Lone Star police chief. He has some problems with the way things have been going, and Lone Star has retaliated.

At the end of this podcast there is information on a run. The run data is posted on our Story Hooks page. More information for the run will be coming soon as the data packets from the runners is being put together.

Check out the latest episode at: srsg.podbean.com It is a little rough as we still don’t have everything settled after a move and medical issues.

Finally, after listening to the podcast, check out the data package on our Story Hooks page. Read Saving Thomas package and hire a team to do the run. This is for advanced runners only.

As always tell us what you think, on Twitter or Facebook or leave a comment here we are always looking forward to the input from the Shadowrun community.

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