Terrorist or Freedom Fighter

The 6th world is a place of injustice. A place where people and sapient critters are tested upon, held down,, and crushed under foot by corporations, meta-human poly-clubs, gangs, and more. Racism has gotten worse after the awakening.

Violence has torn through the streets to gain rights and freedom for many different races. Trolls and Orcs turned violent more than once trying to get the same rights the humans, elves, and dwarves enjoyed. Other groups have taken notice of their success.

Pixies, Naga, Sasquatch, and Shape Shifters have all been deemed critters by meta-humanity. Their own sapience being ignored and their rights trampled upon by the other races. They are getting tired of it and are starting to fight back.

Forming the SCMHR to press for political change has been successful. Some corporations and countries are starting to issue SIN’s to sapient creatures, but it isn’t enough. They want the same rights that all of Meta-Humanity has, and to do it they are looking at how Meta-Humanity earned their rights. Violence.

Is this group of “Redwings” a terrorist organization? According to some they are just that. Are they Freedom Fighters? Again, according to some they are that also. Read Terrorist or Freedom Fighter on our Fan Fiction page and let us know what you think they are.

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