The Fighters Story-by Ghostfriendly

2049. In a city of filthy streets and neon dreams, their dream was to Run the Shadows. Them and every kid in the Barrens with an ounce of grit and a sawedoff, but they knew they had something more.

“All the real Prime Runners started street level.” Harry Fawkes said, as he often did, “Cleaning up gangs, then warehouse jobs, then real shadowruns. Fragging stuff up for the triple-A Megacorps! Just remember; never make a deal with a dragon!”

“We’ve got a long way to go before that, idiot.”

Will Harry and Susan survive to become the runners they dream of? Can a couple of kids from the Barrens raise up enough to be called Prime Runners with the likes of Dodger or FastJack? or will they fail miserably when they go on their first real job?

Read Fighters Story on our Fan Fiction page, written by Ghostfriendly to find out.

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