Our podcast, ‘A Day in the Life: Stories from the 6th World’ is now live on our Podbean site. It has been a long time in the coming due to some real world things, but we are excited to have posted our first episode.

The introductory episode tells you a little history of our host, Digital Doom, in the hopes to give you some insight as to why he is telling these stories. He is planning on monthly episodes at first to get these stories out.

He is also asking for anyone who has stories of the awakened world to send him a data packet so he can get these stories heard. He doesn’t only want to tell the stories he picks, but ones that others in this messed up world want told as well. Be sure to send him the stories to digitaldoom@shadowrunsurvivalguide.com

We will continue to work on the quality of the podcast and bring you great stories of the drecked up life that is the 6th world. Hopefully Digital Doom will sound a little better in the future. We recorded this episode early in the morning, and at 88 years old DD didn’t want to get up to record it. He said to me, “Fraggers, I just want to fragging sleep. Dreck! I need to get these stories out. Frag. Ok, I’m up.” then we started the recording.

We will continue to push DD and his team to get these stories out monthly. It may increase in the future depending on the team and DD. He is fragging old after all.

Until next time, enjoy the episode and let us know what you think about in the comments below.

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