Horizon News: 3 Weeks and things are getting worse

Breaking News

Horizon News Network is still the only news network outside of pirate radio and podcasts that is bringing you up to the minute news on the catastrophe inside the UCAS. As of today we are looking at over 3 weeks without power in most of the greater UCAS areas. This includes the cities of: New York, Halifax, Lexington, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington DC, St Lewis, Bismark, Philadelphia and more. 

<No dreck. Most of the UCAS is dark. I wonder why it doesn’t seem to be affecting other nations in North America.> Dubious Doubter

We have found the reason for the other news networks to not be reporting outages. There are major holes in the matrix. Large areas where the matrix has ceased to be. It is probably from the blackouts, but it is causing dumpshock in people. Severe dumpshock that needs to be treated at a medical facility. <My friend Sherly died due to her dump shock. Have trama patches ready if your friends get dumped by this outage.> Bill Nye Matrix Guy

There has also been a warning sent out by a spirit to stay out of astral space in the greater Chicago area. There are toxic spirits and unknown magical entities reeking havoc on the astral plane. This seems to have enraged the HMHVV infected who are, en masse, moving to eat population groups in the blackout zones. 

WARNING: If you are in a blackout zone, lock your doors and stay inside at night. The ghoul population is on the move and eating anyone they find. Not all HMHVV infected are committing these crimes so DO NOT shoot any HMVV infected unless they are creating a dangerous situation. There is NO bounty at this time in the UCAS for these people.

There are also reports of people hearing voices, seeing visions, and experiencing their worst fears. If you are afraid of your boss firing you, you see that. If you are afraid of going to hell, you see the devil himself. Be warned, these are just visions. Do Not succumb to the fear or it may just eat you alive. <That is an understatement. I had a few friends succumb to the voices. They started killing us where we stood fighting the abominations rushing at us. It was a nightmare.>Volunteers for Defending Anarchburogh

Attached to this news report are links for pirate radio casters that are reporting the blackout from inside the blackout zones. Warning, some of these broadcasts are gruesome and should only be listened to if you feel you can handle it. 

Also attached is a link to a pirate matrix feed telling of some of what is happening. The rants and ravings of the person on the show don’t make a lot of sense, but it ends badly. DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU ARE FAINT OF HEART! It ends violently.

Sixth World Doomsday from RemAlternis on Vimeo.

For more information on these problems, stay tuned to your best news source.

Pirate Matrix Video:

                ShadowrunSixthWorld   https://vimeo.com/344454837 

Pirate Radio:

                Deniable Assets https://deniableassets.podbean.com/

    Neo-Anarchist Podcast http://neo-anarchist.com/

    Radio Free Detroit https://ziggydatroll.podbean.com/

And visit Shadowrun Sixth world at: https://shadowrunsixthworld.com/ 

For more information and stories about what is going down during this power outage. 

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