Sojin Zapper Released!

Sojin Security is proud to announce the release of our newest form of security, the Zapper Drone. This cutting edge drone has enhanced piloting, a full sensor suite, hardened wireless connection, and non-lethal weapons to capture and question the suspects.

Armed with dual heavy pistols firing overcharged Stick-and-Shock ammo and housing a launcher for 3 electrified nonalignment nets, this baby is made to bring down even the toughest of adversaries. The best part, these drones are non-lethal, meaning you can question your advisory. It is easier to question them when they are alive than when they are dead.

So when you want your security teams to be able to question people for their acts against the protected area, don’t forget to have a couple of these on hand. They work shockingly well.

Find out more at the gear section and read up on the Zapper drone!

One thought on “Sojin Zapper Released!

  1. This drone is awesome. I need to get my GM to allow me to use it. I love the idea for taking out a person through stun damage. Much less of a fight.


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