Breaking News!!!

Horizon News Network has some breaking news. The UCAS has declared a State of Emergency and instituted Martial Law in ALL cities nationwide. The UCAS military has been deployed around the nation. There is a curfew in place in all cities.

All citizens are encouraged to listen to all instructions from UCAS military and hired police forces alike. The UCAS Government ask that all residents remain in their home and travel only for dire emergency.

<I wonder if this is due to the power outage in the midwest.> -NoBrainer

Due to power outage heating shelters have been opened. These shelters are filling up quickly and on a first come first serve basis.

There are also riots breaking out in the downtown core of Detroit and borders are strictly enforced keeping everyone in and out of the downtown core. Military personnel are moving to quell the riots using nonlethal force.

<Nonlethal? I saw one bash the head of a rioter with his club. Kids brains went everywhere. Be warned, they are not messing around.> -Doht

Finally: There is a warning for everyone that are used to being on the Matrix that they may go through withdraws from lack of Matrix connectivity. Symptoms are: Shakes, chills, incoherent babbling, and other signs. As of now there are no known deaths from these withdraws.

<My friend Dreckhead Jammer is going through withdraws. He is having a lot of issues, even talking to himself continually. I can’t even talk to him because he isn’t seeing any of us.> -Worried Mage

For more information on these problems, stay tuned to your best news source.

Pirate Radio:

Listen to: Deniable Assets

   Neo-Anarchist Podcast

   Radio Free Detroit

For more information and stories about what is going down during this power outage.

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