Horned Serpent discovered. Hunters and families found dead.

The Horned Serpent had been rediscovered. This creature is known to us from Native American stories, but they have now awakened and have started spreading across North America.

To say these creatures are big and dangerous is saying too little. These creatures are HUGE. They are DANGEROUS. And they are Vindictive. If you cross one, they will do their best to hunt you down and kill you and your family where you live.

That is what happened to the hunters that brought one in for a job. One of two serpents were killed, the other fled into the woods. That night the team was killed in their sleep. The surviving creature slithered into the safe house, killing each member of the team that was there. Only the Face survived as he was bringing the dead one to a meet with the Johnson.

This data is being released in the hopes that most of you will survive if you come across them. There is only one real way to kill them, just remember where to shoot or you will just fraggin piss them off.

Find out more about these monsters in our Critters page.

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