Sojin Inc 2.0

Okay, you asked for it and I give it. I asked the Reddit Shadowrun community to give me feedback on my corporate data file and you did. A lot.

I really appreciate the input from you all and will continue to evolve the site from input from you all. This site is about us as a community, not just my wishes.

I took the info that you all posted on Reddit, and integrated most of it to this version of Sojin Inc. There are now directors for each division, info on the buildings, more details on each division, a little history, and a lot more useful info for story hooks.

Sojin is also front and center in my current fan fiction piece, “Soiled Pants” that should be wrapping up shortly.

So, read the Sojin Inc data file and let me know what you think. Leave messages here, on the corporate data file page, or on the Reddit string in the /r/shadowrun sub Reddit.

Corporate Data Files

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