Prologue by Sentinel

“Ken Matsuya was only trying to enjoy a pleasant Friday evening with a stroll along the waterfront before catching a cab the rest of the way home. Of all the beautiful sites in Seattle, Ken appreciated piers along the waterfront the most. The lights of ships reflecting off the dark water and the shadows of the peaked hills surrounding Puget Sound combine for a serene image out of some sort of fantasy novel. The fact it was late enough that he was the only soul in sight was even better…he was a man who appreciated his solitude”

It is solitude he would not be able to get. Disassemblers, a fight, and a bad dream will tear into Ken’s night. This prologue by a runner known as Sentinel, has so much promise that I want to read more now.

Sit back and enjoy this story brought to us by Sentinel. It is a good one.

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