House Rules

This week is a two for one. Not only did you get Rankin’s character sheet, but we are also going live with our house rules page. For the first house rules, I decided to go with two of my favorite, Death Saving Throws and Group Edge Tests.

DEATH SAVING THROWS: For those of you that liked the lethality of 2nd edition (I liked it) there is a way to bring back the feel. Using death saving throws. This house rule eliminates the ability to burn edge to save the characters life. Of course, as with all house rules, both the GM and players should agree on the use of the rules.

The second one we added is the Group Edge Test. This test makes the most unlucky person the one doing the edge test. Just hope you are not the one with the least edge…

As with everything we post, let us know what you think in the comments below. If you have ideas for other house rules, send them to us using the contact page or in the comments below.

Just remember chummer, keep your guns loaded, keep your head down, and never ever deal with a dragon!

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