Fan Fiction

Today we added our first fan fiction to the site. It is a story of the last day of a runner. We also added the Runner to the NPC page for any GM that wants to use him. All of our NPC’s are created using Hero Lab. 

We encourage you all to send us your stories, NPC’s, Items, Game Hooks, and anything else you have that just screams Shadowrun. Send them to us and we will post them while giving you credit. 

As always chummer, Keep your head down, your weapons clean, and your ammo loaded and you may just survive another day in the 6th world. Stay safe chummers.

3 thoughts on “Fan Fiction

    1. Insomniac, Thank you for this. I will go through your site more this weekend. I would like to have our sites linked in this way, driving people to other SR sites is a good thing.

      I am already working on a SR Links page where I will be listing as many SR sites as I can find by type. I have a bunch of podcasts and other sites to list. I will also make sure yours is listed there.


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