Rebuilding SRSG

After a few years without a regular site, we are starting to rebuild our safe house. The Facebook page was a nice distraction, but it still wasn’t what we have always wanted for the Survival Guide. We are adding new content regularly and will start adding submissions from the fans of Shadowrun when we get them. 

We are currently rebuilding, planning, and gathering content so that you can have the best experience.

After all, like with everything Shadowrun, we need to have a plan, so we know what we are deviating from.



3 thoughts on “Rebuilding SRSG

  1. It’s about time you get the Survival Guide back up. I always used it for getting hook ideas, NPC’s, and reading stories since you first opened in 1999. I am glad you guys are coming back up. Thank you DD and crew for all you are doing.

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  2. Thank you Sparkey. Maybe you could send us your story again so we can post it. It was lost during our last transformation from the previous host. -DD


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